Kathryn  Thank you so much everyone for your great feedback and support!  1•28•11, 1:39PM
Charmaine  I really love the watercolor-inspired banner (and even on this comment box, wow), plus the custom social network icons. Great work!  1•27•11, 4:03AM
Kat  SUPER Cute! I'm recently engaged and I can't wait to see what's to come!  1•27•11, 1:50AM
Kat  Love your color scheme and the weddings are gorgeous!  1•25•11, 8:43PM
Diana  Lovely layout!! Looks awesome!  1•25•11, 7:27PM
Katie  Lookin' good Kathryn! As usual ;) I spied Randy in there, too!  1•25•11, 2:02PM
sabine  I dont need a giftbag, but I sure love the new blog! Congrats!!!  1•25•11, 11:47AM
Joel Flory  Love the new blog!  1•25•11, 8:36AM