Mika  San Francisco!!!  8•31•16, 2:38PM
Danyell  Hello- San Francisco. Thank you !  4•20•11, 10:25PM
Angie Carmignani  San Francisco Bag So sad that I had to miss the tour! If only I had gotten the dates right!  4•20•11, 1:56PM
Paula  Wine Country please and thank you!!  4•20•11, 10:23AM
Anna Pearman  Wine Country please!!  4•17•11, 7:52PM
Allee  San Francisco  4•15•11, 8:12PM
catherine  Ooh, forgot to do the one thing you asked us to do... San Francisco, please!  4•14•11, 8:16PM
catherine  Love these bags! Already customized with my initial! ;-)  4•14•11, 8:02PM
Amanda  San Francisco bag please :)  4•14•11, 5:24PM
Jennie  Wine country, please! Thank you, and love your blog!  4•14•11, 3:58PM
Cristin  I'm a bridesmaid now and would love to give this to my girlfriend. San Francisco please!  4•14•11, 11:25AM
Adam Straus  First Comment! And wine country of course....  4•14•11, 10:23AM